Laura J.
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

I have owned the OxidizeIT for two months and am amazed at how it removes the odours from my clothes. This was the most noticeable difference when I stopped using regular detergent to do my laundry. Towels smell fresh without the use of any deodorizers or scents, as if they have been dried outdoors. This is an enormous benefit in a home where we have sensitivities to strong odours and chemicals. I am saving a lot of money and laundry is a breeze as I can wash every type of fabric and material together, no matter the colour or type.

Jennifer S.
Milton, Ontario, Canada.

I have had my OxidizeIt for one full year now. I absolutely love it. One of my favourite benefits is that I do not have to buy laundry detergent anymore. I am allergic to most detergents and it was getting costly for me to even wash my clothes. The OxidizeIt saves a ton of time too without the need for sorting or detergent and softener. I only do the rinse cycle and my clothes feel softer and fluffier. My drying time went down by almost 50% as well from 60 minutes to 38 minutes!

Brett R.
Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

I want to briefly talk about my experience, the OxidizeIT is an amazing product! I bought the OxidizeIt in disbelief that it would really work. There is a lot of new things I had to get used to like not sorting my clothes, or putting detergent in, etc. My story with the OxidizeIt and how it has really worked for me is based around my (at the time) 6 week old kitten. She did not know how to use the litter box at the time and had to go. She was laying on top of my girlfriends favourite blanket. Needless to say if you do not own cats, cat urine is one of the worst smells and one of the hardest smells to remove. I washed the blanket by itself without any detergents or soaps just using my OxidizeIt and to my surprise, the blanket came out with absolutely NO ODOUR! Huge Win. I am still using the OxidizeIt today without failure and am happier than I ever was with chemical detergents that just didn’t work.

Rene S.
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

I have had my OxidizeIt installed for over one year now. What I love the most about the machine is I don’t need to waste money buying detergent, softener, and bleach anymore. And when you buy those you have to lug it all the way to your home and then spend more time putting the right amount in the washing machine. It’s a never ending hassle. With the OxidizeIT I just put all my dirty laundry into the wash and press start! That’s it. No more sorting, no more soaps or detergents, just fresh clean oxidized water cleaning my laundry (a lot faster, too)! 

Alyssa M.
Tanning Salon Customer, Toronto.

I used to buy pallets and pallets of detergent for my tanning salon. We go through so many towels daily it is hard to keep up. My OxidizeIT Commercial unit is powerful and really does the job of cleaning these towels easier, faster, and more effective. I don’t have to buy detergent pallets anymore or lug them to the salon. This is a win win for all and my machine has already given my business the best ROI I could ask for. I will never use detergent again!

Bob H.
Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada.

My husband and I own a farm and frequently have very soiled clothing. Almost everyday I do laundry. The OxidizeIt has helped me to use no detergent and our clothes are not shrinking anymore. My husband is delighted that the clothes are coming out fresh as if they were hung out on the line. My kids also have severe skin irritations to most laundry detergents and now I do not have to buy the expensive “Hypo-Allergenic” detergents. We are VERY happy with our machine!